Will They or Won’t They? Signs Your Partner Could Betray You

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July 17, 2017

Will They or Won’t They? Signs Your Partner Could Betray You

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Have you ever been shocked to hear that a friend’s partner cheated on them as they “always seemed so happy together”?

Many people assume that infidelity is the result of an unhappy relationship, but one study by Rutgers University found that 56% of men and 34% of women rated their marriage as “happy” or “very happy.

So are there any signs that your partner may be tempted to cheat on you? There are signs you can watch out for:

  1. Was your partner with someone else when you met them? Many people in this situation convince themselves that their partner would never do it to them – after all it was different in their case because they “fell in love”. However, if your partner cheated on their partner to be with you the chances are higher that they will do it again. If they did it WITH you, they could do it TO you.
  2. Did one of your partner’s parents cheat? The sad fact is cheating can often be a learned behaviour. Even if your partner is not aware of it, they may be mirroring the behaviour they observed when growing up.
  3. Did you marry young? Research research indicates that the younger you marry, the more likely you’ll stray.
  4. Your partner is a workaholic. Research indicates that workaholics (as well as being less productive than a more disciplined worker) are often dodging the challenges of maintaining a relationship. And they’re 40 percent more likely to end up divorced.
  5. Your partner has a lot of friendships with the opposite sex and communicates with them without involving you. There is nothing wrong with having a friend of the opposite gender, but if your partner repeatedly forms close relationships with these people, there is a much higher chance that an affair will develop.
  6. An “emotional” affair with someone else can be more dangerous to your relationship than a physical affair. After all, that’s how LOVE develops.

So, is there anything you can do to stop your partner cheating? While you can never control someone else’s behaviour, being close to your partner physically and emotionally will lessen the chances of adultery occurring. The more you know your partner’s friends, colleagues and routines, the less likely they will be to think they could get away with cheating.


Julia Hartley Moore
Julia Hartley Moore
Julia Hartley Moore heads Arbeth & Co Ltd, a New Zealand’s leading Private Investigation agency, and is recognised internationally as an expert in relationships and infidelity. Her opinion has been sought by media as diverse as Britain’s BBC, Good Morning America and the Huffington Post.

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