The YES and NO of online dating for over 50’s

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July 17, 2017

The YES and NO of online dating for over 50’s

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As a private investigator specialising in infidelity, I often get asked about the pitfalls of online dating sites like Ashley Madison and whether the over-50’s are particularly vulnerable (since they are not digital natives). In answer to your many questions:

  • Yes, true love can happen online.
  • No, the online world is not the Real World.
  • Yes, there are good people out there online.
  • No, not everyone is telling the whole truth online.
  • Yes, there are a lot of married men and women on these sites (pretending to be single).
  • No, you should never give money to someone you don’t know and have met online, no matter what sob-story they tell you.
  • Yes, men and women are different online too: men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love.
  • No, you shouldn’t expect perfection.
  • Yes, by now you should know what you are looking for.
  • No, you shouldn’t settle. You should never try and fix someone by going out with them.
  • Yes, you should be careful online: keep your wits about you and don’t trust someone until you can verify what they are saying is true.

And remember…if you have any doubts, trust your gut instincts!

Julia Hartley Moore
Julia Hartley Moore
Julia Hartley Moore heads Arbeth & Co Ltd, a New Zealand’s leading Private Investigation agency, and is recognised internationally as an expert in relationships and infidelity. Her opinion has been sought by media as diverse as Britain’s BBC, Good Morning America and the Huffington Post.

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