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Search for Birth Parents

For people brought up by adoptive parents the need to find and know their Birth Parents is often a driving force in their lives. This feeling is not a slight on the adoptive parents but a need to know just where they come from. Often there is little to go on and as time progresses and information and memories become scarce and blurred the chances of finding the person or persons you are looking for diminish.

We have carried out a large number of searches for Adopted Adults looking for their birth parents and these experiences have helped us to understand the emotional turmoil that can engulf someone during this period of their lives. Our team will provide support and empathy and are well versed in the procedures required for a New Zealand Adopted Adult to begin their search.  It is our opinion that the New Zealand process, which can begin from the time you turn 20 years of age works well.

What is more difficult to achieve, especially when there is limited information on your birth certificate is to locate the person you are looking for and that is where our skills and experience can help you achieve your goal.

Search for Missing Persons

Your reasons for searching may be many and varied from family members, close friends or tracing a person who has disappeared owing you money. Whatever your reason, by acting quickly you will reduce the chances of a negative result.

Our teams of investigators are great listeners, have tremendous patience, resolve, and are fastidious and skilled in their searches. Through our associates and personnel overseas we are able to trace and follow up leads on a personal basis rather than just electronically. We do however use the latest search engines and internet capability to back up our field operatives.

What do we need from you?

Information in all its shapes and forms. If you have already been searching, where are you at and what detail do you already have in your file. Photographs, official documents, birth certificates, letters, family tree (if available) and personal background on the person we are searching for are critical. Our investigators will assist you in what information we require and will keep you aware of our progress at each stage.

A valuable point to remember is that we do not want to search for information that is already available as this only adds to the cost. These searches can be expensive and we always keep in mind the need to be prudent with our client’s money. By showing value and progress at each stage this allows our client to decide on the chances of further progress before parting with additional funds. Searches in New Zealand are generally less expensive than those overseas.

When starting out on a search it is always important to be positive of a result however some people may have gone out of their way not to be found and even when found the person you have been looking for may not want to be contacted.

The successful outcome of a Missing Person Search is in the detail. Julia offers a Pre Search Consultation Service. During our initial consultation, we will endeavour to outline the positive and negative aspects of the search we are about to make based on the information you are able to supply. This evaluation of the costs and chances of success will enable you to make a considered judgment as to whether to proceed or not. The consultation is carried out in an East Auckland based office Suite. This service provides clients with a confidential and private environment in which to discuss their requirements and ways to move forward. Parking is available nearby and directions to the Office Suite are available when booking.