Hire a Private Investigator

Why hire a Private Investigator

A private investigator can be used to obtain information on a wide range of areas. This includes:

An effective private investigator will conduct their investigations in a manner that is both highly professional, rigorous in its scope and discreet in its conduct. Most importantly, this information will be kept completely confidential, this is information that is personal to you.

What to look for in a Private Investigator

Licensed: The first step is making sure they are licensed, which you can determine with their license number. Whoever you hire is going to be handling sensitive information, so you want to be sure you are dealing with someone who is qualified to handle this kind of information in a trustworthy manner.

Experienced: To get results you want to deal with a private investigator who has the experience and the proven ability to get results. Choose an investigator who has plenty of experience working with cases similar to yours. Learned experience can definitely mean a lot when it comes to leading a successful investigation.

Confidential: Everything that is said will be kept completely confidential, your personal information will be kept personal.

Can produce effective materials that will hold up in court: The last thing you want is to have the evidence generated through an investigation ruled as inadmissible due to mishandling or incorrect procedures being followed.

Keen understanding of human nature:  is empathetic and relates well to people, understands the situation they are in.

What should I bring to the first meeting with the PI

At the first meeting, be prepared to be upfront with everything you would like to be investigated. This is the time to state what you would like to find out from the investigation.

Julia Hartley Moore - Private Investigator