Family Services

Family Court, Custody of Children & Hague Convention Cases


We have a vast amount of experience in working with Lawyers in matters appertaining to the Family Court. Not always does custody go to the appropriate parent and often there are access issues and concerns that your child’s welfare is at risk. The care and confidentiality of our team (many of whom are female) is recognized as being among the best in New Zealand and as parents themselves have an empathy with the problems and emotions you are experiencing.

Teenage Peace of Mind

Many parents worry about their teenage children. Where are they going? Who are they mixing with? what Web sites and Chat Rooms are they visiting?  Are they taking drugs and drinking alcohol or driving whilst underage?

These are all legitimate areas of concern for parents and ones where it is hard to know the facts.

Our investigations are carried out with the utmost discretion and we have both Computer Forensic  and  Drug Dog services  available to assist you with concerns you may have with questionable use of computers and drugs in and around your home.

These issues are some of the hardest to come to terms with. If you have serious concerns about a child of yours please call us and one of our team will be available to discuss your requirements.