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If you are looking for a private investigator in New Zealand, you have come to the right place. Julia Hartley Moore and her team are experts in a wide range of private investigative services, including infidelity investigations, the search for missing persons and computer and mobile phone forensics.

Julia and her team also offer a full range of corporate services including investigation, security and surveillance services. Safeguard your business and talk with Julia today.

As the first female private investigator Auckland, and indeed New Zealand had to offer, Julia draws on years of experience at the helm of her own private investigation company. Each member of her team is an impeccably trained and qualified professional, selected for their patience, resilience and resolve. Bringing their collective experience from their ex-military & ex-police backgrounds they leave no stone unturned in their search for the truth.

Begin your search for the truth with our Auckland private investigators. Get in touch with Julia and her team of New Zealand private investigators today.



Trust is like virginity. You only lose it once. When I wrote Infidelity – exploding the myths it was for women and men worldwide. I wanted it to be a calm voice of reason for those caught in the grip of despair when Infidelity strikes.

Birth Parents & Missing Persons Searches - Julia Hartley Moore


For people brought up by adoptive parents the need to find and know their Birth Parents is often a driving force in their lives. This feeling is not a slight on the adoptive parents but a need to know just where they come from.

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Having the investigations carried out to international forensic standards, so as not to have the evidence ruled out as inadmissible due to mishandling or incorrect procedures being followed.

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Employers want a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay but do you really know what an employee does when they leave the office?

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The fallout from any relationship issue can be devastating, particularly when children, property or joint finances are involved. Financial Infidelity may often go hand in hand with emotional infidelity.

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Julia was the first woman to own a Private Investigation company in New Zealand. She now works around the world and the woman who once struggled to read and write is now a best-selling author and media personality.

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Julia Hartley Moore is recognised internationally as an expert in relationships and infidelity. Her opinion has been sought by media as diverse as Britain’s BBC, Good Morning America and the Huffington Post.

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To talk to Julia confidentially, please call her now on +64 9 536 5500 or email her by clicking on the link below and filling in our message form.


July 17, 2017
Infidelity Services - Julia Hartley Moore

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July 17, 2017
Search for birth parents - Julia Hartley Moore

Will They or Won’t They? Signs Your Partner Could Betray You

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